Keep your Summer Glow this Fall

September 23 2013 – Julie Oriola

After a impromptu jaunt to the mall last week, I found myself smack in the middle of the make-up department at Nordstrom. Usually overwhelmed, I found myself in the hands of a young, beautiful girl with a natural glow. I chalked it up to youth until she quickly had me in her chair with 3 of her secret weapons. Luckily my make-up drawer already had this must-have concealer from Yves Saint Laurent. Michaela, the beauty guru informed me to add it above my brow, aside from the usual under eye dark circles and above the cheekbones for added pop.

Touche Eclat- Radiant Touch from Yves Saint Laurent

Next we moved on to a 30 second demonstration for eye popping brows. With the Dior Brow Styler , she lightly shaded my eyes with this pencil from Christian Dior, offered in one universal brown color. My brows now had me looking much more polished.

Dior Brow Styler

My favorite find of the day was this all-in-one bronzer from Christian Dior- Diorskin Nude Tan. Never have I received so many compliments at how good my makeup looked just from this one purchase. It gives a "real glow" not too orange, not too pink, but a perfect blend of four colors in one palate. Simply blend them with it's accompanying brush in a "C" from cheek over the eye and you are good to go, claimed my new beauty goddess. She wasn't kidding...we got some extra head turning that day!xo

Dior Nude Skin Bronzer

If you are in the Boston area, be sure to pop in Nordstrom at the North Shore Mall and see Michaela Angelo for that special glow.

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