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Meet Trailblazer Julie McGonagle

Julie, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Chic Streets was a vision of mine for many years while working in media for The Boston Globe. After completing graduate school at Emerson College, I took a leave of absence from my job to hit bigger dreams in Los Angeles. After snagging work experience with media moguls like the STYLE network – E! Entertainment, and MTV, I was determined to make my vision a reality. (Please click here to read article)

Chic Streets Dazzled the Set of Grown Ups 2

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Chic Streets, local and online fashion boutique supplied members of the cast "Grown Ups 2," Adam Sandler's blockbuster sequel due to debut July 2013. "Our team worked feverishly to supply wardrobe with 80's inspired accessories for specialty scenes on the set. It was a honor to be part of such a professional team," states Julie McGonagle, founder of Chic Streets. 
Check out the wardrobe additions courtesy of Chic Streets, and keep an eye out for Julie's cameo in the film's '80s party! 

US Weekly

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Style Section: Splurge vs. Save Feature
Hailed as a less expensive alternative to the ever-fabulous Pucci, our Amici multi-color shoulder bag was one of our favorite selections too. 

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